Suggested Resources to Learn More & Continue the Discussion - June WIT.Connect Follow Up

Knowledge is power. The more we know, the more we can do, and the more we can contribute to our communities and organizations. At the conclusion of our latest WIT.Connect, WIT asked our panelist to recommend and share one resource that they thought would be helpful to our audience:


Leilani Brown

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Projects at K12 Inc.

Minda Harts, founder and CEO of The Memo, is regarded as one of the top voices when it comes to advocating for black women in the workplace. Harts works around the clock with leaders facilitating tough conversations about equity and inclusion. “The Memo” gives women of color an opportunity to finally have their stories heard, with tips and advice to successfully navigate the workplace.


   Leilani’s Recommended Resource
   The Memo, Written By: Minda Harts (Book)

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Christina (Christy) Monaco

Chief Ventures Officer, Office of Ventures and Innovation at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

“This is an article I recently came across on how to be an ally.  A little off-topic from a tech perspective, but I think timely as we think about how important it is that we in tech (and particularly in the intelligence community) include a diversity of perspectives.”

   Christy’s Recommended Resource
   7 Examples of What Being an Ally at Work Really Looks Like, The Muse (Article)

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Natasha Ahmed

Economist and Management Consulting Professional

“Reading this has given me a lot of insight on how industries and especially the elite leadership of certain sectors are leading change. In light of the growing income inequality, this book has given a lot of insight on how problems aren't necessarily solved by alluring (tech) companies.”

  Natasha’s Recommended Resource
  Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World, Written by Anand Giridharadas (Book)

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Sheena D. Franklin

Founder and CEO at Well-Kept Beauty

"Ruha does an excellent job of discusses machine bias by cutting through tech-industry hype to understand how technologies can reinforce and deepen inequity. Since we at WKB are committed to creating telemedicine platforms that serve all women, this book helped our team create a machine learning framework based on research and are natural gut instincts."

  Sheena's Recommended Resource
  Race After Technology, Written by Ruha Benjamin (Book)

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Martha Laughman

Director of Workforce Channel Development and Veterans Programs at SmoothStack

 “Career counselors traditionally will recommend Onet and other sites that are outdated for cyber security or consider cyber security an occlusion not an industry. Cyberseek pulls current labor market information and organizes it in a consumer-friendly way. is the central location for all thing's apprenticeships.  You can find local and national apprenticeships, apply, and learn details without having to search multiple sites.”

  Martha's Recommended Resource & (Websites)

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Carole House

Cybersecurity Policy Specialist at Department of the Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

“D&D is a great opportunity to engage with other creative minds outside of work, develop leadership skills, take a programming-comparable approach to building out (and testing) a campaign.”


  Carole’s Recommended Resource
  Dungeons & Dragons (Game)

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