Accelerate(her) is an educational initiative through Women in Technology with a mission to fast track your continuous professional development. We host a variety of training events that help women advance throughout all stages of their careers. Our primary focus is to host easily accessible events that focus on learning objectives that appeal to professionals in a variety of vocations. Join our events to hear from subject matter experts as they lead presentations on marketable certifications/credentialing, career coaching concepts, topical areas of WIT member interest, and tools/technology. Come discover trade secrets and skills that will accelerate you in your career.

Our events seek to assist you in:

  • Building a Knowledge Base. These events will help you acquire new knowledge and information and to build a conceptual understanding on various notable topics. 
  • Seeking Credentials. We host discussions on how to acquire certifications, training, and continued education to help bolster your resume.
  • Observing Models and Theory. Instructional presentations provide insight into theoretical concepts providing a practical understanding of a working model.
  • Advancing in Tools. Technologies provide presentations on tools and technologies that create professional efficiencies.


For more information please contact: [email protected]

Lisa Mundt
WIT Board Member at Large, Special Interest Groups
[email protected]