One of our Sponsors, Impact Makers, was recently featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch Metro Business!
Impact Makers, the Richmond-based consulting company known for donating its profits to charity, is entering the new year with a relatively new CEO, a leaner organization and a focus on growth.

After settling a lawsuit in June with its founder and former CEO over the company’s leadership structure, Impact Makers is keeping its eye on the long-term goal that has always been part of its model: returning the value and wealth it creates through its for-profit work back to the community, its new CEO said.

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Women in Technology is accepting applications for its Mentor-Protégé Program #44 - Apply Today!
Women in Technology (WIT) is accepting applications for protégés to join the next Mentor-Protégé Program, which starts in February 2020 at Revature in Reston, VA. Mentors and protégés dedicate one evening per month to foster career and professional development. Mentors are director or executive level professionals with at least 15 years of career experience providing leadership in technical or business functions. Protégés are professional women seeking to advance their careers in technology (STEM, IT, etc.), who are early in their career, changing career direction, or reentering the workforce and who desire to work with a more seasoned professional. Mentoring sessions also feature a light dinner, networking, and presentations from speakers on career-related topics.

For more information on the program or to apply as protégé (or mentor) please see the Mentoring Page for more details and the applications. 

For questions please contact the WIT Mentor-Protégé Committee: [email protected]

Girls in Technology is seeking amazing women who want to make a difference for our #GITgirls in these important roles: 

GIT Sharing Our Success Program seeks volunteers to help plan upcoming SOS events. Now through July 2020. 

GIT Scholarship Program seeks volunteers to administer the selection and award of the scholarship to the winners from this program year. January through May 2020. 

GIT also seeks volunteers to serve in the following roles (all remote work) which support all of GIT's programming:

Schools Liaison – Working in a team to share upcoming program and event information with area schools. Maintain schools contact information. Now through July 2020. 

Speakers Liaison – Finding and coordinating speakers for programs and events. Now through July 2020. 

Volunteer Liaison – Finding and coordinating volunteers for programs and events. Now through July 2020. 

External Experience Liaison – Finding and coordinating STEM experiences for girls enrolled in our programs. Now through July 2020. 

Data / Survey Analyst – Capturing and analyzing associated program data. Now through July 2020.

        Please complete our Volunteer Network form to indicate interest
         in one or more of these roles: