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New Workforce Development Program available for Arlington, VA Residents!

The need for talented technologists in Arlington, VA, is immense, but new developers' careers are stifled by businesses that require two years of experience for entry-level roles. The Arlington Talent Pilot Program remedies this disparity by helping aspiring software engineers get their foot in the door of a great tech career.

This, created by Arlington Economic Development, connects new developers with a temporary, full-time role at Exelaration. Participants gain the essential skills and experience they need to grow their careers through the power of experiential learning under the guidance of expert mentors. Exelaration, the #2 technology and engineering internship in the U.S, has a proven track record of producing successful engineering careers.

We invite technophiles to take the next step in their professional journey by applying for this program. Applicants must live in Arlington, VA, and have a basic understanding of software development fundamentals.

To see full details and apply now by July 1st, visit or reach out to [email protected] with any questions!