Girls in Technology (GIT) is led by an all-volunteer committee of Women in Technology (WIT) members who produce programs designed to excite, inspire and educate girls in grades 6 through 12 in the Washington D.C. Metro Region about the vast array of career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

GIT programs reach over 500 girls in the DC area. Our vision is to significantly increase the number of girls, especially underserved girls, who can envision their own path for education and career opportunities, to pursue STEM education and ultimately join the ranks of successful women in STEM careers.

GIT offers in-person programs during the school year at sponsor locations throughout the DC area. Certain programs will be offered in virtual formats, as needed to provide safe alternatives or to connect local girls with professional women or companies around the U.S.

GIT programs are made possible through the generosity of GIT and WIT corporate sponsorships and STEM for Her. Program speakers, mentors and committee members volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of the future generation.


GIT Programs Include:

GIT Mentor-Protégé (MP) Program  for Girls in Grades 9 - 12
Mentor Protégé (MP) is our longest running program and connects girls with professional women mentors and like-minded girls, to identify pathways to careers in STEM. MP members attend five evening sessions, each lasting approximately ninety minutes. The agenda typically includes networking, a speaker/panel experience and mentoring on topics such as STEM Career Explorations, A Passion for STEM, etc. Finally, each active program participant will receive items from GIT or our Sponsors. Graduating seniors who turn 18 years old will be eligible to receive a one-year student membership to Women in Technology (WIT)!

Sharing Our Success (SOS) Program  for Girls in Grades 6 - 12
The Sharing Our Success (SOS) Program connects girls with STEM organizations, over one-hundred girls and professional women in a workshop setting that provides a safe place and encouragement to explore STEM. The SOS Program focus is early career exploration especially for middle school girls. SOS members attend either evening or Saturday morning sessions. The agenda typically includes networking, a speaker/panel discussing their passion for STEM and hands-on exhibits. Finally, each active participant will receive items from GIT and our Sponsors!

CyberPatriot Girls (CPG) Program  for Girls in Grades 6 - 12
The CyberPatriot Girls (CPG) Program connects girls with the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program. CyberPatriot is the premiere national cyber defense competition and was created to inspire students toward careers in STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future. GIT sponsors CyberPartiot Girls to establish teams in schools by providing the school with funding and support in finding a coach. Each year, GIT partners with the University of Maryland to host a half day STEMTrek event that includes a variety of immersive activities such as hands-on programming, dress for success, science activities, etc.

GIT.Connect Program  for Girls in Grades 6 - 12 and Alumnae
Introduced during our 2021-22 Program Year, the GIT.Connect Program supplements other GIT programming to help expand exposure to STEM topics of interest in more depth than other GIT programs may allow. GITgirl members attend evening or Saturday sessions, each lasting approximately ninety minutes. The agenda typically includes networking, relevant topics (women business owners, internships, career paths, etc.) and interactive exchanges between participants and presenters or STEM experiences. Recent programs have included Python programming and Living and Working in Space.

Scholarships and Awards Program  for Girls in Grades 6 - 12
The Scholarships and Awards (S&A) Program provides GIT members an opportunity to win scholarships that will help enrich their lives and reduce the financial barriers to participate in STEM-related activities. The S&A Program is designed to provide STEM Experience scholarships for girls in grades 6-11 and Higher Education Scholarships for girls in 12th grade. Scholarships are competitively awarded based on application submissions, essay responses, program engagement and rubric-based judging results. Finally, each active GIT Program participant will also qualify to compete in topic specific awards.  Some of the S&A Program winners will be invited to attend and/or be recognized at the annual WIT Leadership Awards or STEM for Her Gala!

NEW! Alumnae Program
– for Post-High School Graduates
Also introduced during our 2021-22 Program Year, the GIT Alumnae Program will connect post high school girls to the GIT community, where we foster professional and personal growth, while encouraging Alumnae to “pay it forward” to enrich the STEM experience of middle and high school participants. The Alumnae Program focus is on GIT Program graduates that are not yet working fulltime in STEM. Alumnae participate in networking, panel discussions, workshops, etc. Alumnae are also eligible (age 18 and above) to receive a free or discounted one-year student membership to Women in Technology (WIT).

Girls in Technology Seven Core Beliefs

Through our programs, Girls in Technology helps girls develop and maintain values for achieving personal and professional success based on GIT’s 7 Core Beliefs.


GIT Leadership

Girls in Technology Program Chair
Shelley Brown-Philips
[email protected]

Girls in Technology Program Vice Chair
Dee Nickerson
[email protected]

WIT Board Member at Large, Emerging Leaders
Kathi Hanrahan
[email protected]


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