GIT Scholarships and Awards

GIT scholarships and awards are meant to help enrich students’ lives by reducing the financial barriers for those that desire to pursue extracurricular STEM exposure (i.e., STEM camps, books, online courses, certifications, etc.) or higher education for careers in STEM fields (i.e., college or trade school). 

GIT Scholarships and awards are funded through the generous support of Women in Technology (WIT). 

Each year, GIT offers two types of Scholarships and Awards.

Higher Education Scholarship

Higher Education Scholarships are intended for girls in 12th grade who reside in the DMV.  Applicants should be planning to pursue post-high school endeavors involving STEM, either college/university or technical school.

STEM Experience Award

STEM Experience Awards are for girls who would like to pursue further learning or experiences in a STEM related field.  This may include, but is not limited to, STEM boot camp or STEM classes.  Awards are offered separately to high school and middle school girls.


Higher Education Scholarship Winners $2,000 – Class of 2023 

  • Shriya DaleRock Ridge High School/Academy of Science 
  • Viola DurfeeSchool Without Walls High School
  • Elisabeth DursoRichard Montgomery High School
  • Ann EhrlichSouth Lakes High School
  • Gillian HalesSouth Lakes High School
  • Zara OkudoThomas Sprigg Wootton High School
  • Suzu PaudelFairfax High School
  • Hope SafaiHomeschool

STEM Experience Award Winners $500 – High School 

  • Maribelle ChuThomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology  
  • Rhea Chelar, Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School
  • Veronica Covaliu-Fuentes, Sherwood High School
  • Avery DeMotsWashington Liberty High School
  • Mira GopalakrishnanWinston Churchill High School 
  • Sital PaudelThomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

STEM Experience Award Winners $500 – Middle School

  • Alekhya ChillarigeWillard Middle School 
  • Kalinda ModiDistrict of Columbia International School 
  • Helen SullivanDistrict of Columbia International School



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