Mission and Overview:

Our mission is to gain greater recognition and stature for Women In Technology through promotion of WIT monthly meetings, special events, committees, services and Special Interest Groups.

The Communications Committee manages all the marketing, publishing, public and media relationships for WIT. We are responsible for developing the WIT messaging (internal and external), managing and coordinating press/media at events, promoting the WIT brand and image to the general public. This includes preparing press/media releases, designing and producing publicity material for handouts, editorial oversight of WIT.wire, any publishing using electronic/paper, newsletters, and contributing to website content.

We also barter with organizations that want WIT to participate at their event to promote and showcase WIT. All external communications to WIT, about WIT (any material/write-up/research/book/audio/photo/video) by a WIT member/committee are coordinated and approved by this committee.

Committee Volunteering Opportunities:

We need active, bright, creative, dynamic and enthusiastic individuals to assist with all facets of communications. You can opt to work independently or in teams to help with any of the following:

  • Brand Marketing
  • Public, Press, Publicity and Media Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Liaising with WIT committees and Special Events
  • Newsletters (WIT.wire, etc.), Brochures, Printing, Publishing
  • Digital/Online media (Audio, Photo, Video)
  • Graphics and design services
  • Website content and Tech topics(WIT.TechTalk) write-ups/discussions
  • Review and editorial services of contents before publishing

Any other innovative ideas are welcomed as part of your contribution towards promoting WIT. Please contact us to serve on this committee.

Meeting Time and Location:

We meet once a month via conference call. The dates and time are determined by the committee.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Lesley Rogers
Board Member, Communications Chair
[email protected]