Girls in Technology Video Archive


GIT Connect Robotics Day Session 1


GIT Alumnae Spotlight 

GIT Volunteer and Mentor Recognition

Mentor Protege Program - Exploring the World of STEM

Mentor Protege Program - The Crossroads of Technology and Science

Mentor Protege Program - Navigating Challenges to Success

GIT.Connect EmpowHER: Immunology, Digital Products, and Aviation, Oh my!

GIT.Connect - VEX Robotics: Designing, Coding, and Teamwork!


GIT.Connect - Aerospace Part 1: National Air & Space Museum - Space Station

GIT.Connect Aerospace Part 2: Modern Day Space InnovatHER

SOS Program STEMinista Series - Nikoria Johnson
SOS Program STEMinista Series - Sangita Subramanian
SOS Program STEMinista Series - Robin Payes


 Mentor Protege Program - Proteges answer "How would I change the world?"


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