Previous Leadership Award Winners

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Corporate Large-Market Sector: Tahera Zamanzada, ICF
Corporate Mid-Market Sector: Megan Hanik, Groundswell
Corporate Small-Market Sector: Deborah Hunt, iPower LLC
Government & Defense: Emily Nugent, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dalgren Division
Non-Profit and Academia: Nadine Alameh, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Rising Star: Angela Robinson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Olivia Trivisani Bowker, Amivero
STEM Leadership: Audra Upchurch, LMI
Unsung Hero: Mallika Gunturu, SWIFT, Inc.
President's Award: Kathryn Harris


Corporate Large-Market Sector: Elizabeth Porter, Leidos
Corporate Mid-Market Sector: Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, ScienceLogic
Government & Defense: Maria Roat, Office of Management and Budget
Non-Profit and Academia: Tami Levin, Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
Rising Star: Jessica Maloney, Sev1Tech, LLC
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Julie Sciullo, Association Analytics
STEM Leadership: Ruth Lampkin, GDIT
Unsung Hero: Sue Rego, General Dynamics Mission Systems
President's Award: Lisa Shea Mundt
Corporate Leadership Award: RLJ Lodging Trust


Corporate: Large Market Sector: Nisa Moore, GDIT
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Michelle Tuggle, Okta, Inc.
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Manisha Morris, MSM Technology, LLC
Non-Profit and Academia: Sreelata Pillai, CollegeBoard
Rising Star: Shaleen Braley, GDIT
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Jen Sovada, MissionTech Solutions, an Avantus Federal Company
STEM Leadership: Patty Obermaier, Microsoft
Unsung Hero: Jessica Langlais, Alpha Omega Integration, LLC
WIT Champion: Cristine Gollayan
Corporate Leadership Award: Booz Allen Hamilton


Corporate: Large Market Sector: Lisa Finneran, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Tina Kuhn, CyberCore Technologies
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Lara Coffee, CSCI
Government and Defense: Christie Canaria, National Cancer Institute
Rising Star: Rebecca Schneider, Dewberry
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Sherry Hwang, Pyramid Systems
STEM Leadership: Brigitte Custer, General Dynamics Information Technology
Unsung Hero: Kristin Aguiar-Burns, Fannie Mae
WIT Champion: Michelle Durante
Corporate Leadership Award: Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)



Corporate: Large Market Sector: Toni Townes-Whitley, Microsoft
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Padma Chitrapu, Neustar, Inc.
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Hildi Pineda, AbleVets LLC
Government: Chérie Smith, U.S. Army, Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
Rising Star: Allison Farris, Microsoft
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Janel Merritt, DigiDoc Inc. dba Public Sector Solutions Groups
STEM Leadership: Meg Layton, Symantec Corporation
Unsung Hero: Mahwish Hamlani,Accenture
Women in Defense: Darlene Straub, Defense Information Systems Agency
Academia: Jill Klein, American University
WIT President's Award: Marian L. McKee, Ph.D.
WIT Champion: Leslie Bauer
Corporate Board Award: United Therapeutics Corporation



Corporate: Large Market Sector: Vicki Schmanske, Leidos
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Mile Corrigan, Noblis
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Meena Krishnan, Inoventures, LLC
Government: Lynnette Madsen, National Science Foundation
Rising Star: Christine Antonsen, GEICO
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Suzanne Porter-Kuchay, SPK Communications LLC
STEM Leadership: Kristie Grinnell, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
Unsung Hero: Christine Lemley, Volkswagen Group of America
Women in Defense: Mary Legere, Accenture Federal Services
WIT President's Award: Carrie Drake
Corporate Board Award: Host Hotels


Corporate: Large Market Sector: Annette Rippert, Accenture LLP
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Michele Kang, Cognosante
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Carmen Radelat, Universal Service Administrative Company
Government: Patricia Wolfhope, Science & Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
Rising Star: Gabriella Ziccarelli, Blank Rome LLP
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Jennifer Mellon, Trustify
Technical Leadership: Meghan Good, Leidos, Inc.
Unsung Hero: Shantrell Collier, U.S. Department of Justice
Women in Defense: RDML Danelle Barrett, U.S. Cyber Command
WIT President's Award: Maureen Caulfield
Women on Boards Leadership Award: First United Corporation


Corporate: Large Market Sector: Kay Kapoor, AT&T Global Business, Public Sector Solutions
Corporate: Mid-Market Sector: Sonya Jain, eGlobal Tech
Corporate: Small Market Sector: Carolyn Parent, LiveSafe
Government: Stephanie O'Sullivan, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Rising Star: Camille A. Stewart, Esq., Department of Homeland Security
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Susan M. Evans, Evans Incorporated
Technical Leadership: Cathy Tilton, CSRA
Unsung Hero: Jenny Oh, Booz Allen Hamilton
Women in Defense: Commander Amy Grable, Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command
WIT President's Award: Nell Varghese; WIT, Website Committee
Women on Boards Leadership Award: ICF International


Corporate - Private Sector (Large and Small): Patricia D'Eramo, Cisco
Corporate - Public Sector (Large and Small): Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch, Inmarsat, Inc., U.S. Government Business Unit
Government: Robin A. Thomas, Headquarters Marine Corps, C4 Department
Rising Star: Jenny Madorsky, SRA
Small Business/Entrepreneur: Sophia Parker, DSFederal, Inc.
Technical Excellence: Lang Ly, Appian
Unsung Hero: Andrea Hall, CSC
WIT Champion: Mary Ann Glueckert; WIT, Girls in Technology Committee
WIT President's Award: Alison Gonzalez; WIT, Sales and Marketing Committee
Women on Boards Leadership Award: WGL Holdings


Corporate: Private Sector Large Business: Lisa Hook, Neustar
Corporate: Private Sector Small Business: Carol Cornman, PRISM Inc.
Corporate: Public Sector Large Business: Elaine Turville, Accenture Federal Services
Corporate: Public Sector Small  Business: Maria Canfora, Cvent
Social Impact IT: Dr. Jandelyn Plane, University of Maryland
Entrepreneur: Anjali "Ann" Ramakumaran, Ampcus Inc
Government: Kim Robson, NGA
Innovative Technology: Alice Fakir, Booz Allen Hamilton
Unsung Hero: Susan Burke, Freddie Mac
Rising Star: Mari Spyker, Blackstone Technology Group
WIT Champion: Denise  Hart, O2 Lab Inc.
WIT President's Award: Kathy Furlong, LexisNexis and Donna Kilbourn, Unanet Technologies
Women on Boards Leadership Award: Lockheed Martin


Corporate: Private Sector Large Business: Elaine Anderson, CSC
Corporate: Private Sector Small Business: Mary Knebel Gillespie,
Corporate: Public Sector Large Business: Julie Taylor, SAIC
Corporate: Public Sector Small Business: Angie Lienert, Intelligenesis, LLC
Entrepreneur: Dawn Halfaker, Halfaker and Associates
Government: Lorraine Landfried, Department of Veteran Affairs
Health IT: Stephanie Pincus, National Academies of Science (Institute of Medicine)
Rising Star: Marlene Roush, SAIC and Stacy Tedesco, D.C. Public Schools, Thomson Elementary
Social Impact IT: Donna Rice Hughes, Enough is Enough
Unsung Hero: Nora Robertson, Navy ERP
WIT Champion: Kelly Moore, AT&T
President’s Award: Colleen Oresky; Chair Sponsor Committee and Deb Hennessy; Chair GIT Share Our Success Events
Founders Award: Nanci Schimizzi, FINRA  
Women on Boards Leadership Award: Gannett


Corporate: Private Sector Large Business: Barbara Doornink, SAIC
Corporate: Private Sector Small Business: Sharon D. Nelson, Esq, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.   
Corporate: Public Sector Large Business: Susan Zeleniak, Verizon
Corporate: Public Sector Small Business: Christine Do, Soft Tech Consulting, Inc.
Global Impact: Dr. Homaira Akbari, SkyBitz    
Entrepreneur: Kathy Albarado, Helios HR  
Government: Janice M. Hamby, DOD, Office of the CIO
Education IT: Kelli Campbell, Discovery Education
Health IT: Sharon Gaheen, SAIC
Unsung Hero: Lisa Bethel, Booz Allen Hamilton  
Rising Star: Erica Salinas, CSC
WIT Champion: Denise Hart, O2 Lab, Inc.  
WIT President’s Award: Jane Maliszewski, ISKA and Piper Conrad, PKC Consulting


Corporate Public Sector Award (Small): Jeri Lassiter, Chief Executive Officer and President, ASM Research Inc.
Corporate Public Sector Award (Large): Linda A. Mills, Corporate Vice President and President, Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Corporate Commercial Award (Small): Fran Maier, President & Executive Chair, TRUSTe
Corporate Commercial Award (Large): Jill Bruning, Chief Operating Officer, NJVC
Rising Star: Charity Nowling, Senior Electrical Engineer, SAIC
Unsung Hero: Denise Lucero, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting and Sarah Hyder, Project Manager, FEMA
Global Impact:  Blanca Treviño, President and Chief Executive Officer, Softtek and Dr. JoGayle Howard (Posthumous), Theriogenologist, Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Green IT: Mile Corrigan, Manager, Federal Green Program, Noblis
Education IT: Kamalika Sandell, Senior Director, Enterprise Systems, American University
Health IT: Katrina Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize Technologies
Entrepreneur Award: Dr. Nicole C. Close, President, EmpiriStat, Inc.
Government: Ann T. Speyer, Chief Information Officer, Smithsonian Institution
WIT President’s Award: Laura McCarthy, Qualified Search; Kelly Moore, AT&T and Vicki Warker


Corporate Commercial Award (Large): Christine Schaefer, Vice President, Marketing, DLT Solutions
Corporate Commercial Award (Small): Maura Colleton Corbett, Partner, Qorvis Communications, LLC
Corporate Public Sector Award (Large): Diane B. Gongaware, Director of Operations, Civilian Agencies, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Corporate Public Sector Award (Small): Ola Sage, President & CEO, e-Management
Entrepreneur: Lynn Ann Casey, CEO, Arc Aspicio
Government: Jo Ann Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer, Library of Congress
Health IT: Dr. Claire M. Fraser-Liggett, Director, Institute for Genome Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine
Global Impact: Susan C. Aldridge, Ph.D., President, University of Maryland University College and Siobhan Green, CEO & Lead Technology Strategist and Information Architect, Sonjara
Unsung Hero: Jennifer Freed, Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Service Delivery Integrated Product Team Manager, NMCI Program Office, Department of the Navy
Rising Star: Michelle Czirjak, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton and Jhaymee Wilson, Project Manager, CACI International
WIT Champion: Phyllis Kolmus, AT&T
President's Award: Nancy Lamberton, Excitations; Irene Aronian, DECKER and Joanne Lozar-Glen