Where is Cybersecurity Going – And Where Should It Go?

All-star panel of cybersecurity experts discuss the innovative approaches organizations
are taking to identify and avoid digital attacks!

In the face of increasingly successful cyber attacks, most forward-thinking business leaders realize that the best approach is to make their networks resilient. Resilience is the ability to stay in business and minimize damage to your customers, your reputation, and your bottom line when the inevitable incident happens.

In essence, that means cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is not new – but it is hotter than ever. Today it is foundational to digital business and innovation, as it protects companies and the clients they serve. While technology evolves toward enhanced protection, so do the tactics, techniques and procedures available for cyberattacks in all sectors, including the critical infrastructure. As data and networks grow and become increasingly central to everything from retail to medicine to defense and intelligence, they become increasingly complex and more attractive targets. The threat landscape worldwide continues to expand, challenging “cyber protectors” across all aspects of government and society.

Government agencies and organizations are turning to advanced analytics tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for securing Big Data from attack. Innovative approaches are seeking to leverage high-performance computing, big data analytics, and other developing capabilities to assure mission and business success, and achieve new levels of performance with such things as self-detecting and self-healing data and networks. They can work in sync to form a powerful technology stack that helps businesses identify and avoid digital attacks.

Join us for an all-star panel of cybersecurity experts on the innovative approaches organizations are taking to identify and avoid digital attacks, featuring:

  • Phil Lacombe, President and Chief Operating Officer, STG
  • Dr. Phyllis A. Schneck, Managing Director and Global Leader of Cyber Solutions, Promontory
  • Kiersten Todt, President and Managing Partner, Liberty Group Ventures
  • Katharine Murphy, SVP, Software Development, Systems and Services Sector, STG


  • Where cybersecurity is now and what’s around the corner
  • The advanced tools being used by cyber defenders
  • What’s real and what’s hype in high-performance computing

Date:       October 19, 2017

Time:      6:00pm to 8:30pm

Place:     STG, 11091 Sunset Hills Rd. Suite 200, Reston, VA

Cost:       $20 members, $30 non-members

Register: October WIT.Connect


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