Leadership, Inspiration and Supporting One Another

“You can have it all, you just can’t do it alone,” Army Maj. Gen Patricia Frost told the audience during the March 22 AFCEA DC Breakfast featuring Women of the DoD.

“And balance and having it all doesn’t mean every day,” Lt. Gen. VeraLinn “Dash” Jamison added.

The forum provided an opportunity to hear from some of the DoD’s outstanding female leaders including the aforementioned, Maj. Gen Frost, Director, Cyber Headquarters Department of the Army, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, and Lt. Gen Jamieson, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Barbara Hoffman, Principal Director for the Deputy Chief Information officer for Information Enterprise, Department of Defense, and Lynn Wright, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence and Head, Naval Intelligence Activity, rounded out the panel which was moderated by Mary Legere, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence for the U.S. Army.

There is no doubt that women have made great strides in Government and the Department of Defense.  Through organizations like AFCEA and WIT, women continue to advocate for one another as we build a strong community of support.

Just as the AFCEA event panel of outstanding women shared their words of wisdom, we have featured words of wisdom from our finalists as we approach next week’s 2017 WIT Leadership Awards event. This post focuses on the women nominated in our Government and Women in Defense categories.

What do you think makes a great leader?

Patricia Horoho – Women in Defense

Twitter: @PattyHoroho

“I think humility, charisma, selfless service, and integrity are key. It is the synergistic effect of those characteristics that allows a leader to know that it’s never about them, it’s about those they serve; it’s about the ability to connect so that people are inspired to be able to accomplish more as a team than they could individually; and it’s the authenticity that your integrity is consistant in both your personal and professional life.”

Ashley Mahan – Government

Twitter: @fedrampashley

“I believe that integrity, competency, and compassion are the core qualities of great leadership - this must be complemented with an adaptable approach to decision-making, ranging from collaborative to command and control. I think these qualities make a great leader because they invite and enroll others to excel and grow into their own potential.”

Linda Powell – Government

“Integrity. It helps to do the right thing and treat people with respect. People who are valued will follow the leader that values them.”

Patricia Wolfhope – U.S. Department of Homeland Security — Government

“A truly great leader is someone who can see foresee the impact of their work and prepare and follow a road map to get there knowing that long the way, it’s the contribution of all the hard working people, no matter how large or small their contribution, that make it all possible.”

Danelle Barrett -Women in Defense

“Someone with vision, tenacity, strong moral compass, conviction and courage to make tough decisions and see them through, someone who is true to their word, displays empathy and who promotes success in others.”

What women (historical or present day) inspire you and why?

Afua Bruce -Government

“Shirley Ann Jackson, who received the National Medal of Science for her work in theoretical physics. Not only did she make a significant impact in her scientific field, but Dr. Jackson also held a variety of positions in public service.”

Lt Col Samantha Haberlach, U.S. Air Force – Women in Defense

“Nancy Harkness Love, the co-founder of the Women AirForce Service Pilots.  In the face of severe inequality she championed women’s rights by starting a new program, proving women can fly just as well as men, and taking a major step toward equality!”

Patricia Wolfhope, U.S. Department of Homeland Security —Government

“After graduating I started a job at a company where I was the first woman to work there.  I didn’t realize it when I accepted the job.  There was no ladies room (at first).  Discrimination came in many forms; slashed tires and severed fuel tank lines, disgusting items left in my desk drawers and hate notes to name a few. The all-male workforce believed I was taking a man’s job away from a man.  Rosa Parks held her ground and did not give up her seat.  I often thought of her as a woman of inspiration as I held my ground and did not give up my job and after a year was able to solve an old problem (saving the company millions of dollars) that many men before me had vanquished over.  After that, I was treated with respect.”

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