WIT Q&A - Sysenex Incorporated’s Laurie Wiggins

With October’s WIT Connect right around the corner, we sat down with panel moderator, Laurie Wiggins, for a quick take on some of the topics to be discussed during this Thursday’s panel discussion. Laurie is the CEO and Founder of Sysenex Incorporated, a systems engineering company, with 28 years of experience in engineering and business development.

An entrepreneur and an engineer, Laurie shared some thoughts around questions that will be asked of WIT’s panel of experts --

1. What is one obvious and one obscure way that IoT is impacting us today? 

We have unprecedented insight into our bodies and how things work that we interact with on a daily basis. Many people can gather and pool their data, analyzing it for their benefit – multiple sclerosis patients can compare and study data and perhaps obtain better medications for example.
2. What will IoT look like in the next five years? What changes might we see in our daily lives?

Looking into my crystal ball, I see that the number of personal IoT devices will keep increasing, perhaps dramatically. On the appliance/lighting/house remote control side, adoption will be slower, because people don’t usually replace these personal items quickly. Perhaps there will be ‘bolt-on’ devices that enable IoT for these items.

3. With all of the data that is being collected by IoT devices, what personal data is being collected, who has access to it, and how is it being collected?

How do current privacy laws impact this data, if at all? Typically, an individual does not have visibility into who sees their personal data, what they do with it, where it goes or how long it is retained. In 20 years if someone runs for public office, do they want their drunken behavior at a party 20 years prior to be brought up?

Laurie will be moderating the panel discussion, this Thursday, October 20 from 6:00 - 8:30 PM at the Tegna/Gannett building at 7950 Jones Branch Drive in McLean, VA. There is still time to register to join leaders in government, healthcare, mobility, security and the automotive industry to discuss all things IoT.

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