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GIT.Connect: Learn to Use Generative AI
Thursday, April 11, 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT
Category: Girls in Technology

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Calling all Middle & High School Girls in the D.C. Metro Area and GIT Alumnae

Ready to dive into the mind-blowing world of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Generative AI is like magic for the digital age. It's the ultimate tool that lets you unleash your imagination and bring your wildest ideas to life! Imagine this: You give it a simple description, and boom, it can generate amazing stuff, like translate languages, write epic stories, draw amazing images, compose catchy tunes, and even create jaw-dropping movies. But wait, there's more! Generative AI isn't just about having fun. It's also a game-changer for the future of work, especially in technology!

Join us for a fun-filled session where we'll explore Generative AI and dive into cool hands-on activities. Together, we'll imagine what future careers might look like with this incredible technology. Get ready to unleash your creativity and discover the endless possibilities of Generative AI!

What You’ll Bring: A fully charged laptop or tablet with ability to connect to our WiFi. If this is not available, a phone device is acceptable, or you may be partnered with others to share devices.

Our speakers are:

  • Riya Jung (CACI Director, Digital Transformation)
  • Darin Ruchirek (CEO of Outright Creative Agency)
  • Nichole Hyter (CACI Government Customer, Program Manager with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller)


Meet Riya Jung, Director of Digital Transformation at CACI, a premier technology provider serving the US government. Applying her visionary leadership in technology, Riya is dedicated to guiding customers through digital transformation journeys, empowering them to dream, reimagine, design, and realize their future.  Riya has a superpower: the ability to turn small bits of information into one big clear picture. She connects dots that are seemingly unrelated and breathes life into compelling visions of the future. Through her boundless creativity and innovative mindset, Riya transforms abstract ideas into bold visions, inspiring those around her to embrace the possibilities of a redefined future.

Beyond her professional realm, Riya's passion for shaping tomorrow extends far and wide. She is deeply committed to nurturing the aspirations of women and girls, including her own 11-year-old daughter, Ava. Through inspirational guidance and the fostering of opportunities, Riya instills in them entrepreneurial acumen, personal development, resilience, and a lifelong commitment to compassionately serving others.  You can find her helping Ava and her friends set up shop at Children’s Business Fairs, putting together gift boxes for children’s hospitals, and helping Ava’s volleyball team set clear goals and dream big!

In both her professional and personal spheres, Riya Jung strives to be a catalyst of innovation, empowerment, and compassion, driving positive change and inspiring those around her to reach greater heights.


Meet Darin Ruchirek, the Founder and CEO behind Outright – a creative agency that orchestrates brand magic for giants like YouTube and Adidas capturing Mr.Beast and Beyonce.

Starting as a freelance graphic designer, Darin didn't just climb the ladder of success; she built a whole new one. At the helm of Outright, she's not only gathered an award-winning team of brilliant creatives, but she's also become a beacon of mentorship, guiding entrepreneurs through the rollercoaster of business life. Darin embodies the ethos of living large and living well, inspiring everyone she meets to embrace the most awesome version of themselves. Darin redefines what it means to be a leader in the modern world. 

Breaking barriers as a female agency founder and a minority in the industry, Darin is not just part of the change – she's leading it. Her passion? To shake up the leadership landscape, showing the world that it's the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds that crafts truly groundbreaking ideas.

Before the Outright adventure, Darin was no stranger to entrepreneurship. She launched ventures in the event and consumer space, sprinkling her creative flare on products that graced the shelves of Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. 

But Darin's story isn't just about corporate triumphs. Away from the boardroom, she's a champion for the youth, especially in philanthropy. You can find her mentoring kids at Children’s Business Fairs, igniting the spark of entrepreneurship in young girls, or supporting causes like No Kid Hungry. Darin isn't just building a business – she’s building a brighter future.


Meet Nichole Hyter, an extraordinary force in the world of financial management and defense systems. As an Army veteran and a graduate of the Army’s Management Analyst Intern Program, Nichole’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her career has been a thrilling adventure, filled with impactful roles and groundbreaking achievements.

Let’s dive into her impressive story…Nichole is a Budget Analyst Extraordinaire and her journey began as a Budget Analyst at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management & Comptroller (ASA (FM&C)). Here, she fearlessly navigated the intricate world of financial planning, ensuring that every portfolio owner could navigate the data collection systems to strategically allocated every dollar. She took the helm as the Lead Financial Systems Analyst at the Washington Headquarters Service – Accounting Division, where her impact rippled beyond the confines of her office. She spearheaded the implementation of Defense Agencies Initiatives (DAI) Hyperion, the budget formulation tool for Defense Wide agencies. Her vision transformed processes, making them more efficient, accurate, and forward-thinking. But Nichole did not stop there. As a Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Innovator, her mission was to revolutionize the way things were done. With unwavering determination, she introduced RPA across the DAI execution and budget formulation systems. She is undeniably an Architect of Change.

Today, Nichole stands tall as a Program Analyst at the Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller – Program & Financial Control Division. Her latest mission is to lead the charge for the Next Generation Resource Management System (NGRMS). This cutting-edge solution modernizes data submission to the Office of Management and Budget and the Congress. Nichole’s pure passion and expertise are driving this transformational initiative. In the grand theater of financial management, Nichole Hyter takes center stage. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a true trailblazer. Her impact echoes far and wide, and her legacy is etched in the very systems that shape our nation’s future.

Lastly, not only does Nichole embody stellar work ethics day in and day out, but she’s also a tech trailblazer on a mission.  Her brainchild, Robots Minded, is like a futuristic beacon.  Nichole fearlessly introduces underprivileged individuals to cutting-edge technology from the earliest stages of their journey.  She’s like a tech wizard sprinkling digital stardust on young minds, igniting curiosity and passion.