WIT.Connect Committee


Provide high value networking and educational programs that bring women of metropolitan Washington’s diverse technology community together to expand their relationships and knowledge leading to professional development and a commitment to WIT.

Overview and Organization

The WIT.Connect Committee serves as a strategic arm for WIT as it is responsible for developing, organizing, and producing relevant programs open to both WIT members and the public. The WIT.Connect Committee develops the topics, obtains board endorsement, identifies and recruits the speakers, and coordinates with the WIT office and other committees to make the necessary arrangements for each program.

To keep up with the evolving WIT community, the WIT.Connect Committee’s organization is multifaceted to best serve all demographics and interest:

WIT.Connect Programs

  • Cyber Security and Technology (Cyber) Special Interest Group
  • Young Professionals (YPs) Special Interest Group
  • Women Business Owners (WBO) Special Interest Group

2019 – 2020 Program Themes

Our WIT.Connect themes for 2019 - 2020 may include topics and attempt to answer questions such as:

  • Data Science + Social Media: Everyone wants to be digital, but very few understand what digital marketing means, entails, and achieves. What are the biggest challenges are in the digital marketing world today, and what you should consider when developing an effective digital strategy?
  • Sixth Sense Technology + Predictive Analytics: Sixth Sense Technologies is defined by many as new capabilities that augment the traditional five human senses. Once a SCI-FI dream, Sixth Sense Technologies now enable real-world superpowers that help people around the world save lives, protect the environment, and enhance productivity.
  • Green Technology: Ready to go green? Our community is making great strides towards technological innovations in the field of sustainable energy, environment and climate change. 
  • Technology + Capitalism: Technological and social forces are transforming who we work for and even what work looks like. To understand the evolution of work, we need to identify the driving forces shaping the work-related realities of today. From being merged and acquired to choosing to go out on your own, each of these new realities holds untapped potential for advancing economic and social growth in newfound ways. 
  • Technology in Healthcare: What are the impacts of technology advancement, dramatic increases in on-demand access, and explosion of investment on the future of the healthcare landscape? There are numerous implications we need to consider as we strive for greater improvements in healthcare technology and service design on patients, caregiving and physicians.
  • Creativity + Entrepreneurship: Get out of your head and into the real world! Aspiring and active entrepreneurs need a space to envision new ideas, create proof of concepts, develop unique solutions, and bring it to market.

Do you or someone you know have experience with these topics?  If so, contact:

Amber Hart
Board Member, WIT.Connect Committee
[email protected]

Lindsay Gill
Vice Chair (Internal), WIT.Connect Committee
[email protected]

Julie Murphy
Vice Chair (External), WIT.Connect Committee
[email protected]

Kara Dickey
Vice Chair (WBO), WIT.Connect Committee
[email protected]

Committee Volunteering Opportunities:

Additional volunteers to help plan and produce WIT's dynamic general programs are always welcome! Our current needs are:

  • Speaker Prospector
  • Virtual Programs/Webinar Coordinator
  • Photographer/Blogger/Vlogger