Trish Barber - President

Trish Barber
3 Ways Digital

Trish is an accomplished digital media marketing professional with experience in leveraging internet software tools to supercharge an organization's traditional marketing efforts. Trish's has been in the digital media space since the early 1990's as one of the first 150 employees at AOL where she was involved in bringing traditional media companies online and leveraging AOL's user community to generate content that enhanced traditional media coverage. She held leadership positions with AOL's Greenhouse, AOL's Digital City, and AOL Community.

More recently, Trish has been involved with entrepreneurial technology companies that are changing the way marketing is done. She co-founded a venture backed software company called iBelong Networks and later founded 3WaysDigital where she provides database marketing services to companies realizing that traditional marketing methods aren't enough in this technology economy.

Trish is the mother of three children and has learned that parenting is the ultimate entrepreneurial venture. She enjoys taiko drumming, hiking, and being a groupie for her kids.