Lisa Mayr

Lisa Mayr
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Describe your industry experience:

Ms. Mayr is a seasoned executive and two-time CFO with over 25 years of experience in technology, government contracting and consulting.  She has held leadership positions with companies such as Blackboard, LivingSocial, GeoEye (acquired by DigitalGlobe), Towers Watson, Arlington Capital Partners and Ernst & Young. Ms. Mayr is experienced in working with global companies and has led teams operating across multiple continents.

Describe your functional experience:

Ms. Mayr’s experience has primarily focused on assisting growth companies with financial transformation and helping companies gain access to capital markets.  She has led many strategic efforts to increase productivity, optimize operations and reduce costs, such as offshoring development, growing inside sales and integrating acquisitions.  On the capital markets side, Ms. Mayr has led efforts to raise both debt and equity financing for public companies and late-stage ventures, in private and public markets.  She specializes in optimization of capital structure and global working capital management.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Transformation for IPO readiness, including complex financial reporting, SEC filings and acquisition reporting, valuations and impairment testing, revenue recognition
  • Financial operations including treasury, tax, global legal entity, customer and vendor management, pricing and risk management
  • Mergers and acquisitions strategic planning, identification, due diligence, valuation
  • Investor relations including developing strategic messaging and presenting to large audiences

Describe your key business transactional experience:

  • Equity raising – led financings in excess of $1BN in public and private markets; deep experience working with private equity groups and complex equity structures
  • Debt financing – Experience leading high-yield public debt offering and managing debt portfolios in excess of $1BN; experience working with top-tier investment banks and rating agencies.
  • M&A – led large teams of M&A in valuation, due diligence, negotiations and integration across multiple companies
  • Customer contract negotiations – key leader in many large customer negotiations – recent examples include international software deals in the Middle East and Latin America totaling $35M and a multi-billion government contract.  
  • Expense optimization – operational experience leading expense optimization efforts with focus on operating efficiencies, product development offshoring, vendor contract negotiations, merger integration, real estate rationalization and organizational restructuring.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

Ms. Mayr’s key strength is her ability to work with a management team in formulating a corporate strategy and operationalizing that strategy through strategic financial transformation and capital structure, including M&A.