Jean Foster

[email protected]

Industry experience:
Jean is a business executive with over 20 years experience in technology, telecom, mobile communications, cyber security and data analytics. She has held leadership positions with market leading companies such as GE, British Telecom, Neustar and Verisign. Jean is experienced working in both the US and global market and has lead teams operating across multiple continents. In addition to her commercial experience, she has worked with government agencies including the FCC and federal law enforcement.

Functional Experience:
Jean is an executive with a broad base of experience in P&L management, product management, product marketing, business operations, marketing and business development. She has a strong track record of transforming organizations and delivering revenue growth. In her current role, Jean is VP of Product Management, and is responsible for developing and growing a $110M business targeted at mobile service providers, cable /broadband and social media players. With a strong flair for marketing and a focus on clients, she has successfully driven innovation and brought new products to market.

Key Business Transactional Experience:
Jean has a track record of delivering revenue growth and was recruited to both Neustar and BT to be part of team tasked with taking those organizations to the next phase of growth. She is experienced in managing a product portfolio and P&L.

She has extensive experience in M&A, divesting lines of business and integrating companies post acquisition. 

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
Jean has depth of experience and track record in helping companies achieve the next phase of their growth potential. Her core expertise spans the product lifecycle of product development, management and marketing. She has helped companies develop new products, take them to market and successfully manage them for growth and profitability.