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GIT is proud to offer a range of opportunities to support GIT Girls and support our mission. Select one or more buttons below to GIT involved!



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For Organizations Interested in Sponsoring Programs or Events
Our programs and events are hosted free of charge. Organizations who can provide facilities, financial support, speakers, or branded “swag” items can help us continue to provide engaging programs and events.

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss how to help.


For Organizations or Individuals interested in Donating to GIT
Your contributions can help GIT provide more programming, materials or training, or can support an underserved girl with technology or transportation to participate in GIT programs or events. Click below to tax-deductible donation to STEM for Her to support our grant funding for GIT programming. Earmark your donation for “Girls in Technology” under Comments.  If any questions, contact us at [email protected].

OR just $50 can provide a one-year free Women in Technology (WIT) Student Membership. Help GIT Alumnae to stay engaged with GIT and professional women as they pursue education or skills training after high school.


For Individuals interested in helping GIT to develop and host programs and events
Join us and support a community of passionate women dedicated to developing future women in STEM. Your enthusiasm, ideas and effort will expand GIT’s success!

Girls In Technology is structured to involve volunteers with varying degrees of responsibility. There are administrative and programmatic positions, committee and solitary positions, and any combination thereof. All are challenging, all are important and all are necessary in order for GIT to function and effectively meet our mission.

Consider those skills you already have or would like to develop. Consider the experiences you bring with you to GIT and those that you would like to enjoy. Consider what motivates you and voice your interests by completing a volunteer application and by communicating with GIT Leaders.

GIT understands that volunteering requires a balance with work and family responsibilities. We ask that volunteers who get involved deliver on their commitments or promptly arrange with GIT leadership to complete tasks so as not to jeopardize GIT’s quality programming or schedule.

To ensure the safety of our GIT girls, committee volunteers and mentors go through a voluntary background check with the registration process and commit to uphold our ethical standards and Code of Conduct.






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GIT is proud to offer a range of opportunities to support GIT Girls and support our mission. Click the button below to learn how you can GIT involved!