How to GIT involved

Join GIT in Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders!

GIT is proud to offer a wealth of volunteer placements available to enhance
business skills, leadership capability, and networking.




Girls In Technology is structured to involve as many volunteers as possible with varying degrees of responsibility. There are administrative and programmatic positions, committee and solitary positions, and any combination thereof. All are challenging, all are important and all are necessary in order for GIT to function and effectively meet our mission.

How to Find the Right Placement

Consider those skills you already have and those skills you would like to develop. Consider the experiences you bring with you to GIT and those that you would like to enjoy. Consider those tasks that motivate you and those that you find more troublesome. Review the structure of the GIT and identify the Program Areas in which you would like to serve. Voice your interests by completing a volunteer application and by communicating with GIT Leaders.

General Policies

The following criteria will be used when reviewing volunteer applications and assigning placements:

  • Time available
  • Fit of skills and needs
  • Leadership experience
  • Seniority based upon past service to the organization
  • Desired skills to help further your career

Volunteers who do not adhere to WIT’s mission and processes of WIT, or misuse WIT materials, abuse or mistreat staff or other volunteers, or who fail to perform their volunteer role will be encouraged to find other opportunities that is more aligned with their interests.

Volunteer Placement Options

The following volunteer opportunities are broken into categories by Program Area.

  • Alumnae Network
  • Mentor-Protégé Program Committee (DC, VA or MD)
  • VEX Robotics Program
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Youth Outreach Committee
  • Speaker/Panelist Search Committee
  • I'd like to be a speaker or panelist
  • I or my organization can provide a hands-on demonstration at an event.
  • I or my organization can provide an experience for a girl to participate in outside of GIT.
  • Career Development/Personal Brand Program Committee
  • Community/Business Partnership Committee
  • CyberPatriots Program Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • GIT Committee/Administration
  • Mentor-Protégé Program Committee (Mentor)
  • Sharing Our Success Program Committee
  • Social Media & Communications Committee
  • Volunteer Network Committee
  • GIT Fun-A-Thon

To ensure the safety of our GIT girls, committee volunteers and mentors go through a voluntary background check with the registration process.