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Describe your industry experience:
Building upon two decades of recruiting mid and senior level leaders for various companies including Fortune 100 companies, private, fast growth, start-ups, government agencies, academic institutions and not-for profits, Hope has developed a comprehensive knowledge of diverse industries including consumer goods, retail, hospitality, healthcare, academia, financial services, government and human services. She brings an understanding of governance, leadership development and organizational development from not only serving on boards, but also serving as an advisor to senior management and recruiting board members for organizations. Having run a company for fifteen years, she has also developed skills in human resources, legal, financial, IT, marketing, business strategy and operations.

Describe your functional experience:
As the owner of a small business that has been profitable for more than fifteen years, Hope brings experience necessary to run a business including business development, operations, entrepreneurism, marketing, strategy, management, communications, human resources, IT and account management.

As an executive search consultant, charged with identifying top talent for an organization, Hope has had to comprehend not only the corporate culture of her clients and their industry but she has also had to learn to adapt to the assorted personalities of the executive team members. Challenged to find mid and senior level high caliber executives for diverse corporate and nonprofit entities, she brings functional experience in the areas of: project management, c-suite presentations/communications, strategic planning, negotiations, partnership development, board relations, marketing/external relations and consensus building.

Describe your key business transactional experience:
Hope’s key business transactional experiences are in the following areas:

  • Launching, building and running a small business
  • Directing and leading the processes for talent acquisition and retention at the mid and
  • senior level
  • Serving as an advisor to the board and senior management on organizational leadership
  • challenges.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
The most important skill Hope brings to a corporate board is the diverse industry knowledge and insight into the key functional areas of an organization (finance, IT, operations, marketing, communications, human resources) along with experience in board relations, governance, leadership development and organizational strategy.