Heather Diehl

Heather Diehl
[email protected]

Describe your industry experience:
Heather is a business executive with over 15 years experience in IT operations and management, IT Strategy, cyber security, business development, marketing, and education. She has held leadership positions with renowned engineering firm, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, and EDWOSB, Powertek Corporation. She has lead award-winning teams of diverse executives and subject matter experts for clients at NASA and DHS. Heather’s expansive Liberal Arts education has served her well, providing needed switch-hitter value to the IT Government Contracting sector, marketing and communications for private industry, and in Higher Education roles.

Describe your functional experience:
Heather is a change agent-driving business and organizational change through executable strategies.  She has a strong track record of transforming organizations and delivering a clear vision for change. She has served as a technical SME as well as Program Manager for various clients. In her current role, Heather is Technical Director of Business Development for the Alliant GWAC contracting vehicle. While serving as a strong technical reference, she is responsible for developing strategy and tools to support growth of Powertek’s business targeted at government clients seeking high-value IT and consulting services.

Describe your key business transactional experience:
Heather’s role as Technical Director of Business Development Alliant is the direct result of assimilating an acquired business unit, and its associated contracting vehicle.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
With a mission focus, Heather has been invaluable in creating executable and sustainable change for customers as well as corporations. She does this by understanding and valuing core competency development, advocating for disciplined execution, and being a model of the desired change. Heather’s relative age versus breadth and depth of experience brings a unique perspective to decisional bodies planning for future needs and pursuing valuable markets.