Our Mission:

The Cyber Security & Technology Special Interest Group (Cyber & Tech SIG) is dedicated to advancing the education and professional opportunities for girls and women in the information security and technology space.

Our Goals

The Cyber & Tech SIG focuses our activities to fulfill the following goals:

  • CAREERS - To help increase the number of women working and holding management positions in these industries.
  • EXPERTS - To be the “go to subject matter experts” for the WIT membership on cyber and technology topics.
  • EDUCATE - To help explain, in easy to understand terminology, evolving technology and internet issues to the WIT membership at large.
  • NETWORKING -To cultivate a proactive networking environment where women can collaborate and learn from each other.

Member Benefits

  • Engage with cyber and IT professionals to discuss today’s hot topics
  • Meet leaders within top cybersecurity and technology companies
  • Socialize with other women interested in similar topics
  • Leverage and/or learn project management skills


To meet our goals, the Cyber & Tech SIG collaborates with other WIT committees to put on cyber and emerging technology events, such as:

  • Two WIT.Connects per Year
  • Meet the Cybersecurity / Innovation Company
  • Networking Social Events
  • Cyber Professional Mentoring
  • Cyber Membership Education

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Michelle Durante
Chair, Cyber Security & Technology SIG
[email protected]