Corporate Sponsorship

Women in Technology (WIT), the premier organization contributing to the success of professional women in the Washington technology community, is building on the success of its hallmark program, the Mentor Protégé Program, in order to meet the demands of major corporations seeking to develop their human resources talent and encourage corporate diversity.

Each year WIT holds two Mentoring Programs: one February through June and the second September through January.

The Programs are hosted and underwritten by technology firms in the Washington Metropolitan area. It is through their support that Women in Technology (WIT) continues to offer the hallmark Mentoring Program to women in or supporting the technology industry.
  • Host and Underwriter Benefits and Role
    • For a nominal investment, the Host and Underwriter will gain access to about 80 professional women, potential employees and can provide female employees in the operations and technology community a networking and professional growth environment to develop relationships and create new opportunities. Additionally, through WIT partnerships, the company will encourage diversity and involvement both within the company and the community at large.
  • As the Host and Underwriter of the Mentor-Protégé Program, your company will achieve the following:
    • Increase company’s profile as a technology lead
    • Raise company’s profile among successful women in technology
    • A venue to communicate the company’s commitment to diversity and women in leadership
    • A venue to articulate company’s mission and goals to an external audience
    • Visibility to potential talent
    • Increase employees access to gain the knowledge available through interaction with experienced leaders in the technical community
    • Opportunity to encourage employees of company to increase involvement in the community
    • Provide employees a channel for professional development
  • As the Host and Underwriter of the Mentor-Protégé Program, the company's role includes:
    • Providing the facilities for the five sessions, include light dinner for 80 participants (when in-person)
    • Making a contribution towards the cost of providing this Program
    • Having a representative present a brief overview of your company in each session
    • Having up to three employees selected as Protégés, at no cost to the individuals (normally there is a $250 fee per participant)

Previous Session Hosts


Session 44 Host

Spring 2020
Reston, VA

Session 43 Host

Fall 2019
Chantilly, VA

Session 42 Host

Spring 2019
Reston, VA

Session 41 Host

Fall 2018
Reston, VA

Session 40 Host

Spring 2018
Reston, VA

Session 39 Host

Fall 2017
Reston, VA

Session 38 Host

Spring 2017
Vienna, VA

Session 37 Host

Fall 2016
McLean, VA

Session 36 Host

Spring 2016
Vienna, VA

Session 35 Host

Fall 2015
McLean, VA

Session 34 Host

Spring 2015
Vienna, VA

Session 33 Host

Fall 2014
Arlington, VA

Session 32 Host

Spring 2014
Vienna, VA

Session 31 Host

Fall 2013
Vienna, VA

Session 30 Host

Spring 2013
Reston, VA

Session 29 Host

Fall 2012
McLean, VA

Session 28 Host

Spring 2012
Vienna, VA

Session 27 Host

Fall 2011
Reston, VA

Session 26 Host

Spring 2011
Vienna, VA