Carrie Rich





[email protected]


Industry Experience:

  • Health care (design & architecture, hospital administration, insurance, strategic planning, start-ups, marketing, branding, communications)  
  • Higher education (online education, program development, certificate development, curriculum development)
  • Nonprofit Management (domestic & international)  
  • Social entrepreneurship

Functional Experience:

  • Directly responsible for the brand and communications of Inova Health System, a 15,000 person $3.4B health care organization.  Was part of a team that negotiated and operationalized 6 new health insurance companies that including more than 100,000 covered lives and $90M in assets.
  • I currently manage a $2.3M global nonprofit organization.
  • I project managed the strategic acquisition of a Medicaid Advantage health plan and managed the implementation of a merger with Aetna on behalf of Inova Health System.  
  • I led negotiations for a Joint Venture with a major academic institution for $1.5M through The Global Good Fund.
What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
Millennial perspective that boosts long-term market strategies.