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Describe your industry experience:
Federal and State government affairs and public policy
Legal services
Non-profit executive leadership
Employee relations and unionized workforce

Describe your functional experience:
Work closely with state government leadership (executive and legislative) to achieve public policy goals, including passage and repeal of legislative bills, particularly appropriations
Present testimony before legislative committees
Counsel and advise appointed and career federal executives on legal matters
Design and deliver comprehensive ethics training to all staff in large federal agency
Developed succession planning strategies and developed award-winning staff advancement program for large federal agency
Developed and delivered training to corporate executives in Japan, government executives, legislators and judges (visiting faculty at National Judicial College); these audiences can be difficult to influence and guide
Designed workforce planning strategies for large federal agency and large non-profit
Implemented ethical culture requirements in large federal agency
Managing diversity
Certified Mediator with alternative dispute resolution expertise
Experience with unionized workforce and union contract negotiations

Describe your key business transactional experience:
Raised $700,000, reorganized and “rightsized” large non-profit organization staff to more than one-hundred fifty full- and part-time personnel in two counties and secured a high program rating from licensing agency to prevent sale of real estate assets and projected closing of the organization

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
I possess well-developed problem solving abilities and pertinent leadership experience as an executive, former member of the judiciary and attorney, and I am able to effectively counsel organizational leadership on ethics, conflicts and other concerns in context.